Griffon Saddle


  • Super Lightweight EVA padding
  • PU cover
  • Accessory mount options
  • Inmolded base construction
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Griffon Saddle

Part no. Description Width Weight Diameter
PRSA0226 Griffon saddle 132mm 213 gr Rail: 7mm x 7mm
PRSA0227 Griffon saddle 142mm 222 gr Rail: 7mm x 7mm
PRSA0228 Griffon saddle 152mm 232 gr Rail: 7mm x 7mm
PRSA0229 Griffon Anatomic Fit saddle 132mm 212 gr Rail: 7mm x 7mm
PRSA0230 Griffon Anatomic Fit saddle 142mm 220 gr Rail: 7mm x 7mm
PRSA0231 Griffon Anatomic Fit saddle 152mm 225 gr Rail: 7mm x 7mm

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