Dreams do become reality

Over the years bikefitting.com retrieved mountains of technical data from its bike measurements. Can you imagine how these insights would help us in our development process? We could only dream about such amounts of data guiding us towards perfect bike components and accessories. Luckily for you, dreams sometimes do become reality. 


Essential Ergonomic Insights

And the exact balance between these attributes is different for every discipline. Fortunately, our engineers and research and development team thrive on a challenge. These are the kinds of problems that they love to solve, and they have the skills, expertise and resources to do so. From the first sketches on the drawing board, through feedback from professional athletes to prototypes and real-world testing, at PRO we know how to develop advanced components. Our unique collaborations with riders like Thomas Vanderham, the Athertons and road teams Sky, Orica-Bike Exchange and FDJ-.fr help us to make our components better than ever. And the beauty of it is that every cyclist can reap the benefits.

Meet our engineers
Meet our engineers

Development the hard way

Professional riders from Team Sky and FDJ.fr rely on PRO components to deliver results. The best materials, cutting-edge engineering and real-world testing means that PRO equipment gives them an edge, whether sprinters, climbers or all-rounders. You can get that edge too, and you don’t have to be a professional racer to feel the difference. PRO road components give you the perfect balance between strength, weight, stiffness, ergonomics and aerodynamics, with options for every riding style and budget

You can reap the benefits

In the race against the clock, fractions of seconds count. That’s where PRO’s aero handlebars come in. Whether it’s a time trial or a triathlon, PRO’s long experience working with professional athletes mean that our aero bars set the standard. Fast and efficient for a short prologue or maximum performance over the Ironman distance, PRO has the solution for you. Our range includes clip-on aero extensions all the way through to integrated monococque carbon fibre bars that can be customised with millimeter precision. Every part has been extensively tested both in the wind tunnel and out on the road!

Meet our engineers



Meet our engineers

Combined Expertise - Extraordinary Results.

It’s not a secret that we work closely together with Shimano. The combined expertise creates extraordinary results. Just to give you an example, we weren’t able to create the cleanest cockpit ever without close cooperation with Shimano. The Di2 technology from Shimano is completely integrated into our Tharsis and Vibe handlebars – no more visible cables, no external batteries, yet all of its incredible features. And that’s just one example.  

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