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Join the PRO Community and experience a better sports bicycle experience. Each of our products are born from relentless research, development and testing, utilising the latest material and design technologies. From professional athletes to casual riders, whether you are racing or cycling to the shop, PRO’s components help to ensure that you get the most from your bike. Achieve the perfect fit. Select the most comfortable saddle. And keep your bicycle in show-room condition with PRO components, tools and accessories.




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"Thus far I’ve done over 20 000km on and off-road with the Stealth saddles and I haven’t had a single saddle sore! I am hooked”- Laurens ten Dam
“I use the PRO Tharsis 3Five cockpit & PRO Stealth Offroad Saddle on both my downhill & trail bikes, both work for me and PRO have done a really great job” - Matt Walker
"I’ve used the PRO Saddle Selector in the past to narrow down my choices, but after having ridden on both the PRO Stealth and Turnix I found that I had a more comfortable fit on the Turnix.” - Coryn Rivera

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