Developed with a spirit of adventure to live up to the PRO ethos of providing you with a better sports’ bicycle experience each PRO gravel component is designed to help you explore further or traverse rutted gravel roads faster.

Adventure awaits when you turn off the asphalt and head down a gravel road. Explore for the thrill of it. Ride for the joy of it. With PRO’s gravel components the limit is always somewhere beyond the next horizon. Conquer rutted fire roads and fly across smooth gravel tracks with ease knowing that each PRO gravel component was designed and tested for adventures off the beaten track.



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PRO Gravel Components

Even when you line up on the start line of a gravel race there is an element of adventure. It takes you back to the simpler times of cycling, reminds you of riding a bike as a kid. Regardless of whether you’re on a ride or taking part in a race there’s always something new to discover. That’s why PRO’s commitment to ensuring you have a better sports’ bicycle experience took that term for our gravel specific components. 
Discover epitomises PRO’s understanding of gravel. It channels our design process, creating components which allow you to keep discovering. Keep discovering new gravel roads, increased control, more speed, greater comfort and endless opportunities for adventures. 
The journey starts with the PRO Discover range of handlebars and the PRO Discover Stem. Each of the bars have varying degrees of flare, to provide gravel aficionados with control inspiring steering for the riding they prefer. From gravel races, who need only a touch of flare for comfort and control to extreme adventurers who seek out singletracks on their gravel bikes and thus need a bold flare. 
To further the search for comfort and control the PRO Discover dropper seatpost provides 70mm of travel. This allows you to drop your centre of gravity and turn your gravel bike into a capable and stable descender on fast, uneven, descents. For the traditionalists the PRO Discover Seatpost utilizes carbon’s vibration absorbing qualities to ensure a smoother ride on rutted terrain. 
While the bars, stems and seatposts of the Discover range ensure every-ride adventures the Discover Bags truly turn your gravel bike into a vehicle for exploration. Top tube bags provide storage for every day turned all-day rides, while the seatpost, frame and handlebar bags allow you the space to pack it all for an off-the-grid excursion. 
The PRO Discover products are thoroughly performance tested by the likes of Laurens ten Dam, Adam Blythe, Ian Boswell and Peter Stetina. Showing that our gravel products are inspiring former WorldTour professionals to take the road less travelled. So, why don’t you join them? Go PRO and Discover gravel. 
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