Team Co2 Minipump

The PRO Team CO2 Minipump is a 2 in 1 high volume minipump and a CO2 inflation regulator.
Designed to provide you with a better sports’ bicycle experience the PRO Team CO2 Minipump combines the features of a minipump and a CO2 regulator in one compact device. The detachable hose, which features a flipable Presta/Schrader head, screws off the minipump and onto a CO2 cartridge. Alternatively, the hose can be attached to the pump and it can be used as a standard minipump. It boasts an anodised alloy body, measures 19-centimetres in length, has a diameter of 2.5-centimetres and a weight of 145-grams.
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  • Dual purpose volume minipump and a CO2 inflation regulator
  • Compact design
  • Anodised alloy body
  • Detachable hose
  • Flip head for Presta/Schrader compatibility
  • Maximum pressure: 8 Bar/120 PSI
  • Weight: 145g
  • Sold with: 25g CO2 cartridge and insulation foam sleave for CO2 cartridge
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  • Partnumber
  • Barrel Material
  • Base Material
  • Color
  • Handle Material
  • Head
  • Pressure Range
  • Valve Compatibility
  • Volume / Stroke [cm3]
  • Weight and Quantity
  • PRPU0097
  • Alloy
  • Alloy
  • Black
  • Alloy
  • Screw-on
  • 0-8 bar I 0-120 PSI
  • Presta - Schräder
  • 32
  • 145g

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