PRO Koryak Di2 Handlebar


  • Handlebar for AM, Trail and XC
  • Strong AL-2014 DB construction
  • Handlebar for AM, Trail and XC
  • Compatible for Shimano Di2 cable and battery integration
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PRO Koryak Di2 Handlebar

Description Width Diameter Weight Height
PRHA0324 Koryak handlebar flat 720mm 31,8mm 225 gr
PRHA0325 Koryak handlebar low rise 720mm 31,8mm 222 gr 8mm
PRHA0326 Koryak handlebar riser 760mm 31,8mm 274 gr 20mm
PRHA0361 Koryak flat top Di2 handlebar 720mm 31,8mm 247 gr 5mm
PRHA0362 Koryak riser Di2 handlebar 760mm 31,8mm 287 gr 20mm

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