PRO Falcon Carbon Saddle

Carbon rail

  • Flat shape, best for very flexible body geometry
  • Lightweight EVA padding for optimal support and comfort
  • Smooth PU material to minimize friction with cycling shorts
  • Easily fits accessories like the PRO camera mount, fender etc.
  • Stiff and lightweight carbon reinforced polymer inmoulded construction
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Hunting season is open and our Falcon saddle is built for it. The flat shaped design is ideal in the hunt for the first place. It gives you stability for those high-speed descents and allows you to move along your saddle when optimal maneuverability is required. So you decide: are you the prey or the hunter?




At PRO we have a simple mission: To work together with the best people in the world to make the best products in the world. That’s why we work with the best riders, designers, engineers and to co-create the products you use.

State of the art Technology

Our Falcon saddle is developed with the most innovative technologies available in the market today. Watch the video below to see how we get the best out of you. 




Find your perfect saddle in just a few steps with the renewed PRO Saddle Selector. Based on a series of questions regarding body geometry and riding style, the PRO Saddle Selector helps accurately guide you to the perfect saddle. Simply walk through the questions. The PRO Saddle Selector does the rest.



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PRO Falcon Carbon Saddle

Description Width Weight Diameter
PRSA0218 Falcon Carbon saddle 132mm 174 gr Rail: 7mm x 9mm
PRSA0219 Falcon Carbon saddle 142mm 184 gr Rail: 7mm x 9mm
PRSA0220 Falcon Carbon saddle 152mm 194 gr Rail: 7mm x 9mm
PRSA0221 Falcon Carbon Anatomic Fit saddle 132mm 172 gr Rail: 7mm x 9mm
PRSA0222 Falcon Carbon Anatomic Fit saddle 142mm 180 gr Rail: 7mm x 9mm
PRSA0223 Falcon Carbon Anatomic Fit saddle 152mm 188 gr Rail: 7mm x 9mm
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