Dan Milner - Chill Time
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Dan Milner - Chill time

30 March 2022

Dan Milner is no stranger to snow sports photography, having shot some of snowboarding’s most iconic and challenging expeditions over the last two decades. But no matter the weeks he’s camped out on glaciers, or the number of couloirs he’s climbed, it is on the bike that he feels most at home, even in winter.

The ensuing chaos of pushing, pollution and noise, is not Milner’s world. So instead he turns to the forest —to be lost in the calm he finds there... and to ride. 


Chill Time is about Milner’s passion to ride through the alpine winter. It’s a film about re-connecting with the peacefulness of nature, and about where the bike can take you, both physically and mentally, if you go looking for it.


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