From epic back country trail days to full gas cross country racing, PRO have the mountain bike products to power you and your bike’s performance.

Developed by leading engineers in conjunction with professional riders each PRO mountain biking component is designed to provide you with a better sports’ bicycle experience. Ensuring control on climbs, descents and technical terrain, as well as the perfect bike fit, PRO have a range of handlebars, stems, seatposts and off-road specific saddles to suit your riding style.



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PRO MTB Components

As mountain biking continues to grow, differentiate and diversify PRO’s mountain bike component offerings evolves with it. Long gone are the one bike to do-it-all days of the 1990s. Cross-country race machines are more capable than ever, but they are also lighter and their riders demand control and weigh savings in equal measures. While down country, trail riding, enduro and downhill all have unique demands. As do the ever-expanding range of e-MTBs options, which transcend everything from all-day marathon rides to gnarly trail shredding.

PRO’s mountain bike components have every eventuality covered. Up front the Tharsis, Koryak, FRS and LT handlebars ensure control for your chosen mountain biking discipline. While the Tharsis, Koryak, FRS and the new Tharsis 3Five stems perfect your bike fit and dial in your control. Di2 integration as well as a choice of carbon or alloy construction provides options to match your budget as well as riding style.

If your style is a bit more gnarly PRO’s dropper seatposts make conquering the most technical terrain a little easier. The Koryak dropper posts provide long travel solutions for back country to enduro riders, while the weight conscious cross-country and marathon riders will appreciate the light weight construction of the Tharsis dropper posts. Further weight savings can be achieved with the Tharsis rigid seatposts. There are also Koryak, FRS and LT rigid seatposts available, for riders’ whose primary concern is not shaving grams from their mountain bike rigs.

The final range of components in the PRO mountain biking stable are the off-road specific saddles. From the range-topping Stealth Off-Road to the new, e-MTB specific, Volture saddles the PRO Saddle Selector will help you choose the best saddle for your unique anatomy and riding style. If you get it wrong the first time around the 100% 30-Day Money Back Guarantee takes the risk out of your saddle selection.

As will all PRO products the mountain bike range is toughly peformance tested in the harshest real-world conditions. Scotty Laughland, Puck Moonen and the downhill racers of the Madison Saracen team have all put the PRO MTB products through their paces. With their stamps of approval you can rest assured that each of our mountain biking components will provide you with a better sports’ bicycle experience.

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