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New PRO Vibe Evo Handlebars
"An Evolution in Integration"

20 June 2021

Introducing an evolution in integration, these are the PRO Vibe Evo handlebars. Developed for discerning road riders who demand both aerodynamics and ergonomics in a beautiful bespoke design.

Featuring grips on the tops, which seamlessly transition into the hoods they provide multiple ergonomic hand positions, while boasting an aerodynamic profile and facilitating your maintenance of an aggressive, aerodynamic, position on the bike.

Optimized for the full internal routing of electronic shift and hydraulic brake cables the Vibe Evo handlebars ensure a clean and cable-free front end to your bicycle. Developed to maximise the incredible functionality of SHIMANO’s Dura-Ace and Ultegra Di2 drivetrains, PRO Vibe Evo handlebars allow for beautifully designed integration and first-class functionality.


The Vibe Evo handlebars (available in Europe *from July 2021) are, however, also compatible with traditional cable actuated drivetrains and brakes; while similarly allowing for traditional and semi-internal cable routing set-ups.

When used with the PRO Ergonomic Drop-Grips (Available in Europe *from November 2021) which act as a replacement for traditional handlebar tape on the drops, they also feature neat SHIMANO Di2 Satellite Shifter integration in the drops.

The Ergonomic Drop-Grips ensure control in all weather conditions. Constructed from a high-grade rubber their textured finish ensures both comfort and relentless grip, even in the pouring rain. Alternatively, you can choose to wrap the compact drops with PRO handlebar tape for a classic look. The replaceable grips on the tops of the Vibe Evo handlebars negate the need for you to wrap the tops entirely, ensuring that a single role of tape is ample to wrap both drops.

Completing the seamless integration is the attachment point for a forward bicycle computer mount. This aligns perfectly with the integrated and oversized stem of the Vibe Evo handlebars, allowing your bike computer to slot into the handlebars’ aerodynamic design.

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Technical Features

- T700 carbon construction
- Optimised for SHIMANO Di2 and hydraulic disc brake compatibility

- Compatible with full internal, semi-internal and traditional cable routing
- Anti-slip and replaceable grips
- SHIMANO Di2 Satellite Shifter integration in 4 locations
- Includes shims which allow for ±2 degrees of ‘stem’ angle adjustment
- Provides 5 ergonomic hand positions:
  1. Tops
  2. Pursuit position
  3. Corner grip
  4. On the hoods, with fingers feathering the shifters/brakes
  5. In the drops
- Fits 1 ¼-inch steerer tubes and 1 1/8-inch steerers with supplied shims
- Widths: 38, 40 and 42cm
- Stem lengths:105, 115 and 125mm
- Weight: from 390g
- Out front computer mount functionality

5 Grip Options of the PRO Vibe Evo Handlebars

1- Tops
Traditional hand positions on the top section of the handlebars.

2- Pursuit position
Hands resting on the hoods with the forearms braced on the top sections to achieve an aerodynamic position.

3- Corner grip
An ergonomic hand position with the palm of the hand resting against the corner of the handlebars where they sweep forward from the tops towards the brake hoods.

4- On the hoods
Traditional hand position on the brake hoods.

5- In the drops
Traditional hand position in the drops, utilised while holding an aerodynamic position or sprinting out of the saddle.

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