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Dan Milner - Commercial Break

01 April 2023

The mountain bike is the ultimate vehicle for mountain enjoyment.

The mountain bike is the ultimate vehicle for mountain enjoyment. But often just a few component mistakes can ruin that joy. Today, we are sharing three game-changing products that could improve your bike. Fit these affordable, hi-tech, ground-breaking updates today and you will immediately be amazed at how much better you’ll ride. How much more you can do, and how many more friends you’ll make. Watch the movie to find out more!


About Dan Milner
For more than three decades, British photographer Dan Milner has hauled himself and his mountain bike to some of the most remote corners of the globe in search of singletrack rewards and photo stories to share. Always happy to swap his hotel room for a tent, he says that such adventures are not only about experiencing a new destination, culture and its people. It’ also about pushing himself and his own limits.

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